Advanced Radar Systems

Applied Radar is intimately involved with the development radar systems for defense and commercial applications. Defense applications include ground-based and airborne radar systems employing phased-array antennas, as well as unmanned aerospace system (UAS) and counter-UAS radar systems. On the commercial side, radar systems typically involve short-range sensors for a diverse set of applications including automotive radar, industrial automation, perimeter security, and radar altimetry.

Applied Radar rooftop testbed
Vehicle and dismount testing using Applied Radar rooftop radar testbed
Pulse-Doppler results from Applied Radar rooftop testbed
Outdoor radar testing at Applied Radar
Demonstrating the results of an innovative Spread-Spectrum Digital Beamforming (SSDBF) demonstration in Applied Radar's outdoor testbed [left-to-right: Mike Deaett, Marcos Bergamo, Bill Weedon, Bruce Wallace (DARPA)]