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  1. Electronic Warfare (EW)

  2. Ethics

  3. Quality Policy

    Applied Radar operates according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our Quality Policy is as follows: Meet all requirements and serve customers in a timely and productive…

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  4. Mission

  5. Commercial Products

    Commercial Products developed out of Applied Radar, Inc. are manufactured and sold through our commercial products company Quonset Microwave (part of Quonset Technology, LLC). Quonset…

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  6. Advanced Radar Systems

  7. Applications

    As an R&D firm, applications of our technology encompass a wide range of applications in RF sensing, communicating and navigating. Specifically, Radar, Communications (including both…

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  8. RF Systems Devel.

    RF Systems development is the “services” portion of our business. Typically, this is funded by either a Government contract or through a commercial agreement, or…

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  9. Team ARI

    Dr. William H. Weedon President/CEO Dr. William H. Weedon founded Applied Radar, Inc in 1996 and for which he is currently the President/CEO. The company…

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  10. 5G Wireless Comms