Radar Testing Services
X-Band Rooftop Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) Radar & Rail SAR Testbed

Applied Radar's X-Band Rooftop Radar Testbed consists of two radar demonstration testbeds: a Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Radar testbed and a Rail Synthetic Aperture Radar (Rail-SAR) testbed. The GMTI/SAR Radar testbed utilizes Applied Radar's reconfigurable four channel SWORD™-X400 Digital Receiver EXciter (DREX) system. The SWORD™-X400 DREX system allows for the easy swapping of both RF hardware and software, making it ideal for testing new radar hardware and software algorithms. The SWORD™-X400 radar is a 19" rack system which consists of individual boxes for each of the radar system functions; including waveform generation, signal upconversion, signal downconversion, and RF signal conditioning. The SWORD™-X400 radar system is located in Applied Radar's RF lab with the RF and control signals being piped up to the GMTI Radar testbed housing, allowing for quick reconfiguration of the SWORD™-X400 radar without the need to access the GMTI/SAR Radar testbed housing.

The GMTI Radar testbed provides the radar with a 360° view and is capable of performing ±185° scans in azimuth. A tilt system allows for ±30° of adjustment in the antenna pointing off the horizon. A clear acrylic dome provides year round protection for the antenna and electronics. An integrated laser and camera system allows for target alignment and provides real-time visual feedback of the scene to the user as the radar scans.

The Rail SAR testbed consists of a 30' linear track and an integrated ±30° tilt system. All power and RF signals are provided through connections to GMTI Radar testbed.