Simulation and Modeling
Applied Radar, Inc. has developed a comprehensive simulation and modeling toolkit: ARTEMIS™ - Augumented Radar-Target Engagement Missile defense Simulator. ARTEMIS allows defining various engagement scenarios, including multiple static and moving radar configurations, background maps, ballistic and arbitrary single target trajectories, jammers, as well as calculating required radar performance for coherent and non-coherent setups.


The ARTEMIS™ toolkit is capable of generating output in the form of a realistic engagement movie. Click here to see an example movie of a Multi Aperture SNR calculation.

In order to support the demand of fusing Radar data with IR/EO data and to simulate the sensor network performance, Applied Radar, Inc. has developed ORION™ - Optimization/Refinement by Infrared/Optical sensors and Networks, a supplementary toolkit to the ARTEMIS™ toolkit. The ARTEMIS™ and ORION™ toolkits allow the user to set-up multiple sensor fusion scenarios and to calculate target uncertainty areas as well as predict target locations. Click here to see an example of a one radar, one-IR-sensor scenario with target localization.

Applied Radar, Inc. is working to expand the ARTEMIS™ and ORION™ toolkits to include multiple-targets with multiple-sensors and multiple-tracks scenarios. Click here to see an example of a multi-track scenario generator for two Airplane radars, Automatic Information System and Electronic Surveillance Measures.